Golden Retriever (Origin And History Of The Breed – Description – Engineering – Using – Health)

The Golden Retriever is one of the FCI (no. 111, Gr. 8, sec. 1) recognized breed of dog from the United Kingdom. The current FCI Standard is from the year 2009.

The Golden Retriever is one of the medium-sized dog breeds and was originally in the middle of the 19th century. Century in the UK for hunting bred to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks undamaged.

His gentle nature and easy in the leadership of the Golden Retriever owes in addition to the use as a hunting dog in popularity as a blind dog, sniffer dog, Search – and-rescue dog. The strong need to please the owner (“will to please”), has the Golden Retriever in addition, worldwide one of the most popular family dog breeds.

The breeding starts, and the ancestors of today’s Golden Retriever for a long time was little known, and until 1959, it was sure that the dog breed of Russian circus dogs descended, Dudley Marjoribanks, 1. Baron Tweedmouth, England bought and Guisachan in Scotland have brought.

In 1952, Marjoribanks’ methodical breeding was found the book of the records, which were presented to ten years later, the British Kennel Club. These documents have been recognised in the year 1913 by the Kennel Club and will be still kept in the London office.

According to the records, coupled Marjoribanks in 1864, his yellow Retriever with wavy fur (wavy-coated) “Nous” with a now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel named “Belle”. By 1890, he bred this line, crossed another Tweed Water Spaniel, two black Retriever and an Irish Setter. Then the records of Marjoribanks, who died four years later ended.

In 1913, the breed was finally acknowledged by the UK Kennel Club as a “yellow” or “Golden” Retriever as a separate breed in the 1920s, the official Name of the breed Golden Retriever changed. The British Kennel Club, therefore, acts today as a breeding book-to Association leading the Golden Retrievers. In the same year, the British “Golden Retriever Club was founded”. The Standard of the British Kennel Club is observed in all countries with the exception of the United States and Canada.

The Scottish Lord and his dogs up to today, the property in Guisachan is regularly used as a venue for Golden Retriever exhibitions and breed enthusiasts to as the original home of the race revered.

The race was won, however, especially in England, the United States and Canada rapidly in popularity at the beginning of the 1990s, especially through frequent appearances in TV commercials and feature films, increasingly, also in Germany.

The Golden Retriever is a medium-large, strongly built breed with a dense, water-repellent, mostly wavy fur in shades of Gold and cream with good feathering on the back of the front legs, the underside of the tail, and in the chest and abdominal area. Golden retrievers have muscular body and great stamina, which is due to their origins as hunting and shooting dogs. The skull has a strong Stop, a muscular neck and a deep, well-arched chest.

Because of the widespread historical popularity of the Golden Retriever regional variations in the breed originated by the Standards of the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the British KC (The Kennel Club) are the same, especially in the outer appearance of the dogs reflect; although, in some cases literally.

The Temperament of the Golden Retriever is a hallmark of the breed and is digested in the breed standard and the dog owners as a friendly, curious, attentive and balanced described. Golden Retriever are good family dogs and, in General, both Foreign as well as people they know to be equally open-minded – also other dogs, cats and most livestock to.

Typical Golden retrievers are active and fun-loving animals with the bred patience to wait for hours in a hunting seat. Adult Golden Retriever love the work and have the ability to concentrate on a particular task. Other characteristics related to their hunting heritage are a for the in and out, in and out of the boat suitable size and an excessive love of the water.

Golden retrievers are liked due to their intelligence, athleticism and desire, your dog leaders, exceptionally well and easily trainable. Therefore, they are often used as guide dogs, Search – and-rescue dogs. Since dogs life of the race of human society and your life to your people devote, you count the dogs, in the meantime, also the most popular Family.

The attitude of a Golden Retriever is as requested of all the hunting dogs, motion, and training intensive: in your work, and equipment not funded dogs tend to develop unwanted behaviors. That is why it is extremely important that a “normal Walking” to find employment for dog and owner. Well, the track work, the dummy training, the activity in a rescue dog squadron, or a dog sport that has something to do with nose work, or fetch are suitable.

The Golden Retriever was originally bred for hunting. To put him to retrieve shot birds from the water – (engl.: to retrieve “bring it back”). The high water affinity of most dogs of this breed dates back; in General, they are very good swimmers.

Today, the breed is especially for their even temperament, their good compatibility with foreign people. From the plants, all retrievers are by a distinct people, fixation, which is funded to the extent that with a lot of empathy, as well as the necessary consequence of, and directed to the races with many other dog hardly attainable easy to obedience train. This so-called “will to please” can lead the viewer to believe, for the dog, it is the greatest happiness of his people all the desires of the eyes to read.

The breed has, with 10 to 14 years, a comparatively high life expectancy for a dog of this size. However, this has declined in the past 30 years. 7 percent of all Golden die Retriever before the age of five years, 13 percent before the age of 8 years, and 22 percent are not even 10 years old. International studies have found that, above all, an increase in bone cancer, blood cancer, or Lymphgewebs disease is responsible; around 60 percent of all Golden retrievers in America and 40 percent of all Golden retrievers in Europe to die of these cancers. Similarly, more frequently than the average mast cell tumors occur.

For the Golden Retriever, several hereditary diseases in the veterinary medical literature described that occur in the breed more frequently than the average:

• Elbow dysplasia
• Hip dysplasia
• Epilepsy
• X-Linked muscular dystrophy (according to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy in humans)
• Portosystemic Shunt (congenital, intra-hepatic)
• Ureteral ectopia
• Congenital dysplasia of the retina
• Canine juvenile cellulitis
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